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Buffalo Fish

Buffalo Fish – Native To North America

Buffalo Fish Or Carp The Buffalo fish (Ictiobus) is a freshwater fish common to the United States. The largest of the North American suckers reaching up to 4 feet. Meanwhile, there are various subspecies of buffalo. Bigmouth Buffalo Black Buffalo Smallmouth Buffalo Non-Native Buffalo Description of the Buffalo Fish Generally, have broad, muscular bodies with …

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Black Buffalo

Black Buffalo Sucker Family of the Mississippi

Black Buffalo Sucker Fish The Black Buffalo (Ictiobus niger) is a freshwater buffalo fish in the Catostomidae or sucker family. Native to the Mississippi Basin and southern Great Lakes, Canada and Lake Erie. As well as, Boston Creek, Tennessee rivers and streams. Other names include Mongrel Buffalo or Current Buffalo. Description of the Black Buffalo …

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Bigmouth Buffalo Fish

Bigmouth Buffalo The Largest Sucker Fish

Bigmouth Buffalo Fish The Bigmouth Buffalo (Ictiobus cyprinellus) is the largest member of the freshwater Castostomidae or Sucker fish family. Native to North America. Other names including Gourd Head, Redmouth Buffalo, Buffalofish, Bernard Buffalo, Roundhead or Brown Buffalo. Furthermore, a native counterpart to the bighead and silver crap. Generally, compete with the common carp who …

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