P-Line Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Review

P-Line Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

The P-Line Fluorocarbon Fishing Line, extruded from high quality Japanese fluorocarbon crystal components. Further, used by both beginner and professional anglers.

Advantages or Pros

P-Line Fluorocarbon Line

Has enhanced knot and breaking strength which refracts light to make it nearly invisible in water. While, reducing water absorption it increases lure action. Further, has low stretch properties for increased sensitivity.

Offering superior strength and stability. While, fluorocarbon lines have no memory. Therefore, simply fall off the reel when the bail is opened. Moreover, do not overfill the reel with line.

Available in different tensile strengths including 4-pound, 6-pound, 8-pound, 10-pound, 12-pound, 15-pound, 17-pound and 20-pound.

While, the high-quality components that the line is made from, improves breaking strength in the soft fluorocarbon line.

Reviews on P-Line Fluorocarbon Line

Fantastic line when it doesn't backlash

I've been using the P-Line Fluorocarbon product for years on my crappie and trout reels (All spinning reels). I definitely notice a difference in catch rates when I use it and it does a really good job of not snapping when getting snagged.

Coupled with a jig head that bends itself when stuck, I've been able to fish submerged trees with little fear of losing everything if I get stuck. I've tried other Fluorocarbon products and none of them have stood up to P-Line.

The only problem I have with it is how much it backlashes on me. I know one of the downsides of using fluorocarbon is the high memory which will cause the backlash, but I don't remember it every being as bad as it was with this spool. My suggestion is to not over feed the reel and you'll avoid some of these rat nests and save some time.

Pline makes the best flouro for the money

Size: 10-Pound

Pline makes the best flouro for the money. Much more readily available and has never let me down. I would recommend this line to anyone looking for a good flouro with low stretch. I use 6lb the most.

More Reviews on P-Line Fluorocarbon Line

The BEST line made

Size: 4-Pound

The absolute BEST line made. It resist memory better than any that I have used and I will simply use no other. Not worth the aggravation to save a few bucks on cheaper stuff.

It's like getting 8 fluorocarbon tippet spools for the price of one.

I bought this in 6lb to use in lieu of 3X tippet. I was a bit concerned that the 3X tippet is rated for 8lbs while the P-Line Fluorocarbon in .08 (3X) is only rated at 6lbs. This didn't matter for the 17 trout averaging about 19" (and up to 22") I caught at a local lake last week.

I didn't have a single break off and was really muscling the fish due to the close weeds and also because I wanted to release them before the lactic acid buildup killed them. Even with 3X tippet I usually lose a couple of flies to these savage fish. Cautious trout still ate my fly. I concluded that the line must be fairly invisible under water.

This stuff is a wonderful money saving tippet substitute for fly fishing, but I don't know how it would work for spinning since I have no idea how it lays on the reel or how it casts. But, if you fly fish, you should definitely try this out and save some money.

Disadvantage or Cons

One of the negative reviews for this line is that the line tends to break when tying knots. However, moisten the line when tying knots.

Total disappointment

Size: 4-Pound

I purchased the 4# fluorocarbon line in May of 2019 for trout fishing in Tennessee. The reviews and research that I did showed that the P-Line was supposed to be exceptional fishing line and by far not the most inexpensive. I decided to spend the extra money to get a good quality line since the trout are known for fighting and jumping. The line seemed to work great for the first month with no complaints.

Then, while fishing in late July of 2019, I attempted to tie on a small lure with an improved clench knot. The line snapped. I retied and the line snapped again. Eventually, I went to the car to get another rod that I had spooled with the same line at the same time as the first reel. Line snapped also. I wrapped the line around my hands and lightly pulled, the P-Line snapped with very little effort.

Do not know if this was just a defective batch of material or if this is a reflection of the quality of the line. I will never know since I have purchased new line from a different manufacturer. In my experiences, fishing can be slow and hard sometimes. I do not want to catch a fish and risk loosing it to the line.

Conclusion for the P-Line Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

A fishing line made from high quality fluorocarbon crystals enhancing breaking strength, invisible in water, reduced water absorption, low stretch and increased sensitivity. As well as, superior strength and stability with low memory makes a great fluorocarbon line for fishing in freshwater or saltwater conditions. Good for professional and beginner anglers.

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