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Kapamego Fishing, A New Start

January 7, 2019

Why Build Green

Alien carp jumping

Who are we at Kapamego?

Kapamego Fishing

Kapamego was founded in 2017 as a Garden Maintenance and Landscaping business in Brits, South Africa. Unexpected retrenchments arising and unemployment becoming a real challenge, forced a small family business to start. With nothing left in South Africa, no future for our children, immigration became of essence for the family. In our researching to immigrate and start a business, subsequently, we realized that online blogging, sales & marketing would be a great advantage to us, and a small business’ horizons are being expanded.

Who is behind Kapamego Outdoors and Pets?

Kapamego’s owner, Paula Goble, is a lover of nature, fishing, golfing, rowing, gardening and animals in research discovered an opening to bring the finest and widest range of fishing information on one site. Striving to inform and assist you our customer what is available and give you some relevant information regarding existing product.


Our Vision

Many hours were spent online, trying to find the right kayak to start kayak fishing. Moreover, the question, what rods, reels etc. would one need? Does our kayak need an anchor? The answer to all question arose after numerous sites… Consequently, if it was such a struggle for us, let’s generate a site where we can find all the answers together.

Our Mission

Kapamego’s mission to offer and supply our clients with unique experience, knowledge and understanding of fishing in various forms. Ranging from freshwater to saltwater, including ice fishing, spinning and casting. As well as, fly fishing. As a small company, our desire is to double our business, meeting your wishes and cutting back on the environmental impact. Your happiness is our happiness!

Vision for Kapamego Fishing

The Launch of Kapamego Outdoors and Pets

Our journey is about to begin! Therefore, I would love to encourage each of you to join us on this new venture into the future! The online company is about to launch. During the opening, Paula, will firstly be launching with Fishing Information, Guidance and advice. As well as, invasive species in the USA Waterways information.

6 Months time

Likewise, at Kapamego are planning the launching of the next section of the business in about six months which will be our tours. These will include a Bass Fishing Tour, Fly Fishing Tours, Gender Specific Tours Family Fishing Tours, Custom Made Tours. As well as, Alien Fish Fishing Tours.

Close behind

Following close behind, we will be looking at opening our fishing shops. Supplying anything from Telescopic Fishing rods to Deep Sea Fishing Rods.

As well as, Spinning Reels, Casting Reels, Fly Fishing Reels. As well as, combo packs for rods and reels.

Rod Setup

While, some of our well-known manufacturers are Shimano, Sea Knight, KastKing and Daiwa but there are a lot more. In store you will also find Lures, Lines, Hooks, Floats.

As well as, Nets & Ropes as well as Tackle Boxes, Fish Finders, Fishing Chairs, Fishing Bags, Fishing Tools and Fishing Clothing (including but not limited to waders, caps, eyewear, gloves and vests).

Further, venturing into kites for kite fishing, kayaks for kayak fishing and all other devices which can be used as flotation devices for fishing. We will specialize in all items that could possibly be used. Including but not limited to Paddle Boards and Power Boats.

Furthermore, we will be launching a project to combat Invasive Species within our waterways. Assisting the prevention of spread and educating the public.

As well as, getting our hands dirty and physically assisting in clearing up the problem. Committing to being good stewards of the outdoors and wildlife habitats.

Supporting the local communities where possible and preserving conservation. While, volunteering and donating to various causes.

Our Promise

Blogging will range from Fishing of various types including the newly discovered Kayak fishing and Kite Fishing. As well as, Bow Fishing, Ice Fishing and more. Furthermore, follow our tours online. Fresh to your mailbox monthly will be our newsletter as to the happenings of new events, new information, new launches and the weekly specials. Join us today to start receiving your newsletter, and we will never spam your box or give out your information.

Our Store

Our store will strive to delivery the best products from the best manufacturers at the best prices. Delivered to your doorstep within limited time. While, shipments can be made anywhere in the world. Local distributors will be used, as we strive to support local business.


Regardless of your age, gender, religion or physical state we cater for your fishing needs. Join us on our journey, embrace the outdoors and share fond memories with us! We look forward to you joining us on our venture! Together we can make a difference in this world of fishing!!

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