About Kapamego

Kapamego was founded in 2017 as a Garden Maintenance & Landscaping business. Unexpected retrenchments arising and unemployment becoming a real challenge a small family business started. While researching we realized that online blogging, sales & marketing would be a great advantage to small business and hence we decided to expand our horizons.

Kapamego’s owner, Paula Goble, a lover of nature, fishing, golfing, rowing, gardening and animals in research discovered an opening to bring the finest and widest range of fishing information on one site. Striving to inform and assist you our customer what is available and give you some relevant information regarding existing product.

Many hours spent online for the want of starting kayak fishing. First and foremost to find the right kayak, then what rods, reels etc would one need? Does our kayak need an anchor?Various sites later, eventually the answer to the question was discovered… If it was such a struggle for us, let’s generate a site where we can find all the answers together. Currently, our site offers you the opportunity to learn from valuable articles providing information on how to Kayak Fish. However, with time, our shop, will launch. Providing you with the relevant products.

Mission and Communication

Kapamego’s mission to offer and supply our clients with unique experience, knowledge and understanding of fishing in various forms. Ranging from freshwater to saltwater, including ice fishing, spinning and casting. As well as, fly fishing.

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We learn from you, our customers, what you would like and cover these products. We are a small company, but our desire is to double our business, meeting your wishes and cutting back on the environmental impact. Your happiness is our happiness!




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