Month: June 2021

Creek Chubsucker

Creek Chubsucker

Creek Chubsucker The Creek Chubsucker (Erimyzon oblongus) is a freshwater fish in the Erimyzon genus, part of the Catostomidae family of suckers. Closely related to the Cyprinidae family. Native to North America. Currently two disjunct populations occur, one in eastern Coastal Plain streams and one in the mid-western streams east of the Central Plains. Description …

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Paddlefish the early Cretaceous Period Primitive fish Paddlefish are basal Chondrostean ray-finned fish in the Polyodontidae family. Like the Gar fish, Paddlefish may be considered “primitive fish”. Having evolved with few morphological changes. While early fossil records date back to the Early Cretaceous period. Fossil records indicate that Polyodontids existed in North America and China. Description …

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Hitch in open water


Clear Lake Hitch The Clear Lake Hitch (Lavinia exilicauda) is a freshwater cyprinid fish. Native to California in the United States. Their name derives from the Pomoan word for the species. While another name for the fish is the Clear Lake Hitch or Sacramento Hitch. Description of the Hitch The Hitch has a deep and …

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Sacramento Blackfish

Sacramento Blackfish

Sacramento Blackfish The Sacramento Blackfish (Orthodon microlepidotus) is a freshwater fish in the Cyrpinidae family. Native to North America. The sole member of the Orthodon genus. The Blackfish’s name derives from their teeth and scales. While Orthodon refers to the fish’s straight teeth and microlepidotus refers to the distinctly small scales. Description of the Sacramento …

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Pacific Northwest Chiselmouth The Chiselmouth (Acrocheilus alutaceus) is a freshwater cyprinid fish. While native to North America occurring in streams in the Pacific Northwest. Further, named for the shape of the hard plate on their lower jaw which is used to scrape rocks. Furthermore, a sole member of the monotypic genus Acrocheilus. While closely related …

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